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Direct selling is a method of marketing goods and services to consumers, creating business opportunities for more than 18 million Americans in every state, congressional district and community in the country and generating $34 billion in sales each year. We invite you to learn more about this dynamic retail channel; the industry’s commitment to ethical business behavior and consumer protection; and the entrepreneurs who are creating a better life through direct selling.

Did you know?

Multi-level marketing – where independent sales consultants earn income from their own sales and the sales of others recruited into their network – is only one type of direct selling. Some direct sellers reach consumers through home or online parties.

Every company considering membership in Direct Selling Association must pass a rigorous, year-long ethics audit and abide by our Code of Ethics before they are accepted.

Direct Selling Association has helped pass legislation that protects consumers from illegal pyramid schemes in 17 states.

Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics provides superior protection against financial risk. All member companies are required to buy back unused products from independent distributors at 90% of the original cost for up to one year.

Direct selling markets goods and services to consumers primarily in the home, instead of brick and mortar stores or exclusively in online marketplaces.