Direct Selling Facts

Direct selling is a diverse and driving force in the global economy. Worldwide there are more than 90 million independent sales people who sell nearly $154 billion of goods and services annually. In the U.S. market alone, direct sales represent a $30 billion a year industry, providing nearly 16 million Americans with the opportunity to achieve personal and financial goals.

This great success is founded on a solid business model that has been tested and proven over time. The direct selling method of product and service distribution has grown with integrity over the last 150 years, based on the tenets of transparency and consumer protection. There are many standard and accepted practices used by direct selling companies – some required by law and others prescribed by an industry Code of Ethics administered by the Direct Selling Association. The self-regulatory efforts of direct sellers are designed to ensure transparency in business operations and guarantee the highest level of consumer protection.

Recently, short-sellers and activist investors have been seeking to create an artificially volatile environment targeting particular segments of the direct selling industry. At the same time, the industry has continued to grow and deliver strong returns on investment, with healthy examples of both publicly traded companies and private companies alike, providing positive investment opportunities. It is important to note that there are many investors, such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and others, who continue to invest heavily in direct selling companies because they believe the business model is viable and offers long-term growth potential.

The video below shows how the direct selling business model successfully delivers strong ROI to investors and drives millions of small businesses around the world.